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04 December 2008


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wow...i am absolutely shocked at this review....i have my own baking business..and use cakeman raven's recipe...and this is my top selling item.....you must have had a 1 and a million bad cake..or maybe your taste buds were off..but cakeman rave's red velvet is the absolute best red velvet cake ever....and to be honest..i did not like red velvet cake until i tasted his.


i live in Dubai, U.A.E and i made cakeman ravens red velvet cake from a recipe he posted, i'm sorry its the most amazing cake, everyone here loves it, i can't understand how you can be so negative!! i am going to the U.S this year find his bakery and get a piece!! and by the way!! you need to bake it from scratch to see how moist and spongy it is, its not a heavy starchy lump!!


I am absolutely amazed by this review. I have never heard anything but beyond positive..maybe even manic descriptions of this cake. I've had it several times and each time I try to stretch my slice out to last me for 3 days. And the place is always packed esp. after work hours and weekends.

you are smokin crack

the red velvet is good you must have had a rare one in a million case bad cake i live for cake man redvelvet and i dont bang with evr1s red velvet


Hi Linda. No culinary sojourn in New York is complete without a visit to Brooklyn!

Insofar as honesty is concerned, I strive to be objective. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but I really wanted to like Cake Man Raven's confections. Thus, my criticisms were written with some reluctance.

Thanks for stopping by and for your positive comments, Linda.


I like your honesty & enjoy reading your blog. Although I've never visited Brooklyn, I visited NYC before I became a certified (or am I certifiable?) foodie. I wish I had been a foodie then so I could have visited the all-important BAKERIES!


Thanks so much for the kind comments, Starr.

Although some red velvet cakes are made without chocolate these days, the original recipe called for cocoa (whose color turned ruddy when combined with buttermilk and baking powder). Please keep me abreast of your foray into the realm of incarnadine confection.


I have a confession - I've never tried red velvet cake! Now you've piqued my interest.
By the way - found you on foodbuzz. Love your blog!


Where exactly is the writer of this article from? I live in Brooklyn and the entire Bed Stuy goes to The Cake Man's shop. Brooklyn knows of him very well and so does tons of celebrities, who have been ordering from him before he even went big. Before he even had a shop, celebrities bought it straight from his oven. The authour sounds jealous to me...mmmhm.


It probably takes better pictures than my camera does.

Lainie Petersen

Red velvet cake is my favorite. Check out this version in the shape of a camera: http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2008/12/08/incredible-nikon-d700-dslr-cake/

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