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09 March 2009


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East Haven Funeral Homes

It's a shame I haven't been there yet, especially since I work in the area. I'll have to clear my schedule one afternoon and grab a bite.


Thanks, Ed. Ever been to Ibiza on High Street?

Ed Schenk

A true American success story. Dot what you do. Do it right and people will come. Just one of the great foods of New Haven. They also have great pizza and, less publicized but equally noteworthy, a great Hot Dog!


Tangled Noodle: Thanks for sharing your insights. It's always a pleasure to read your comments.

Michelle: My pleasure. Glad to revive some pleasant memories for you.

James: I hope you'll post a follow-up after your visit.


We'll pass through New Haven and lunch at a burger joint called Louis' Lunch. It gets a lot of superlative "Best. Hamburgers. Evar!"-style comments, but I have my doubts, particularly when the website sneers at customers who want ketchup or mustard, and the restaurant refuses to serve any.


I grew up in Connecticut and have many fond memories of eating a Louis' Lunch. Thanks for writing this review up!

Tangled Noodle

Wow! Talk about tenacity and constancy - this establishment is the definition of both. Louis' Lunch does one thing better than anyone else and has remained true to that, instead of succumbing to modern business models of expanding, franchising or offering a wider menu. I love the sign "This isn't Burger King . . ."! Have you noticed how much of marketing of anything these days is about 'personalization' - pick your own color, choose your own fillings, etc.

What a marvelous place and quite frankly, I'm salivating over that incredible picture of the halved, juicy hamburger! Thank you so much for once again highlighting yet another gem in the culinary landscape that offers such delight in such simplicity!

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