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01 June 2009


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Thanks, Tangled Noodle. It's comforting to know that there's still a place where my childhood memories remain alive. As you've undoubtedly surmised, this story was intended to be posted on Memorial Day.

Tangled Noodle

Thank you for sharing this! This is absolutely the kind of connection that fascinates me. Even though Commestaccomplice (love this moniker!) wasn't directly involved in your childhood memory, there was something instinctively shared. I felt the same way when I posted about my husband's memories of his grandmother's cornmeal mush - I wasn't there but I somehow knew what the feeling was like.

As you said, it's rare that we can revisit our childhood experiences - I'm so happy for you that it was a return that only reinforced, and did not diminish, such wonderful memories. Even better that you were able to share it with someone special!

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