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26 November 2009


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Robert-Gilles: Dare I ask you to expound on the other variations of trou normand? Thanks for your kind comments and warm holiday wishes. All the best to you.

Cassie: My pleasure. Incidentally, when you've figured out the whole blogging concept, would you mind teaching me? Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Keep up the good work!

Cassie @ A Very Busy Mind

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. Every comment like yours that I get lifts me up a little. :) I love how clean and crisp your blog looks; I'm still figuring out the whole blogging concept, and foodbuzz is new (and exciting) to me, too!

Robert-Gilles Martineau

Dear Friend!
Very good choice of Calvados, indeed!
As for the trou normand it reminds me of some very painful memories of my time in the French Air Force.LOL
Everything was an excuse for drinking then!
I can tell you there exist other variations of trou normand I would not dare my worst enemy to try out!
Superlative posting!
Happy holidays and all that!

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